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Stavros M.

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Maths and Physics Tutor, PhD

I am currently a Tutor at ​Kaplan International College London at London Bridge. Over the last 10 years, I have been involved in Private Tuition in the areas of Mathematics and Physics mainly for high-school exam preparation but also at University level. Apart from that, I had numerous Year 11 and 12 students for exam preparation in Physics and Maths. I have also experience in the UK schooling system during the period of 2008-10, as seen in my CV when I worked for various London based tutoring offices mainly in preparation for GCSE and A-Level exams. I have completed a Diploma in Education (DipEd, UNSW 2012) and I am a fully Qualified Secondary School Teacher in Australia. The rest of my education involves a Ph.D. in Theoretical Particle Physics (University of Oxford, 2002). A Bachelors Degree in Physics (University of Ioannina 1998) and a Diploma in Business (Kent Institute of Business and Technology, 2012).


Oxford University Ph.D. in Theoretical Particle Physics Ph.D.
University of Ioannina Bachelors in Physics BA
University of New South WalesDiploma in Education Diploma

Tutoring Experience (10000 hours taught)

I am currently a Tutor at ​Kaplan International College London. Apart from that, from my placements in UK and Australia I have extensive experience and knowledge in teaching 1st and 2nd year Physics courses, such as Classical Mechanics, Classical Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Calculus, Statistics as well as more advanced 3rd and 4th year subjects, such as Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory, Optics & Lasers, Particle Physics, Special and General Relativity etc. Moreover, I have taught various topics in University Level mathematics, such as Calculus, Advanced/Multivariable Calculus, Algebra, Complex Analysis, Group Theory, Differential Geometry, Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics, etc. Furthermore, I have experience in the UK schooling system and currently work with a number of London based tutoring offices, teaching Physics and Mathematics for GCSE/iGCSE and A-Levels (AQA, CCEA, OCR, WJEC ).



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Andy Liew Sep 22, 2019


It is with great pleasure that I write a reference for Dr Stavros Mouslopoulos, who has been tutoring my son, Joshua for his IB Diploma program in the subjects of Mathematics and Physics. In the time spent with my son, he has managed to improve his IB band scores for Maths and Physics from Band 3-4s to band 6-7s respectively. Stavros is a highly qualified and an excellent tutor. He showed patience and step by step, methodology to effectively deliver his tutorials. He was always accessible for discussion especially during exams period. His knowledge of both subjects is wide and full of breadth, and there were no tricky questions that was beyond his ability to elucidate clearly in the tutorials. Hence it is without hesitation that I recommend Dr Stavros Mouslopoulos for a fantastic tutor in IB Diploma. Yours sincerely Dr Andy CS Liew MBBS BSC Med FANZCA

George & Helen Larcos Sep 22, 2019


George & Helen Larcos Keith Street, Earlwood, NSW, 2006 To whom it may concern, Re: Mr Stavros Mouslopoulos This note is to confirm that Stavros was employed by us as a part-time HSC physics tutor for our son, Eric. Stavros tutored Eric for 1-2 hours per week during this time. We found Stavros to be a pleasant, good-humoured young man with a good command of English and a strong interest in teaching. His broad interests in university life also made him a good role model. He prepared well for his tutorials and was able to use a variety of teaching aids. We feel he contributed positively to Eric’s HSC performance and would have no hesitation in re-employing him for a similar task in the future. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us Yours sincerely, George & Helen Larcos

Effrosyni Kokaliari Sep 24, 2019


I have known Dr. Mouslopoulos for about 15 years and have hired him on multiple occasions to assist me with statistical analysis with my research. Dr. Mouslopoulos is a particularly talented, impressive and intelligent academic. He is very knowledgeable on physics, mathematics and statistical analysis. He was always able to understand my research and help me with statistical analysis that matched my hypothesis and design. He was always patient and eager to assist while his standards remain high. His commitment to teaching is indeed outstanding. Dr. Mouslopoulos is also a very interesting individual. Having traveled and read as much as he has, gives him a unique perspective on his teachings and world views. He is kind, easy to work with and open to suggestions. He is genuine generous and willing to share. I recommend him for employment and wish him well. Should you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

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