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Saman A.

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An experienced and qualified Law tutor. Available to teach both A-level and undergraduate students

To be a great teacher, one must be an avid learner and a good listener. My utmost interest in the subjects and deep research of the vast syllabi has been the key to my successful teaching career of 5 years where my motive has been to establish clear objectives for each lesson and working towards meeting them. During this time I have developed strong rapport with students and established trusting relationships. My area of expertise are Law of Contract and Law of Torts which I was able to further polish through my LLM from Queen Mary. Being up to date with current cases and legal developments is a core feature of my lectures which helps students relate theory to the real world and apply legal principles more effectively.My teaching technique entails lectures, assignments, case research and past paper practice. I hope to use my experience of 5 years in helping students attain their very best through the various techniques I have learned and developed over the years.


Queen Mary University of London Master of LawsLLM

Tutoring Experience (500 hours taught)

I hold a five year experience in tutoring students in Contract law and Law of Torts. These tutoring lessons entailed explaining and breaking down basic concepts with examples and cases in order to make it easier for the students to understand, extensive past paper practice to ensure that the students are able to apply the concepts into their answers and last minute crash courses closer to the exams for revision.



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Jules Nixon Aug 31, 2018


Saman was an unbelievable tutor and I owe a serious amount of gratitude towards her for helping me achieve my goals in attaining my PHD in contract law. She has an unbelievable amount of knowledge in the subject but also makes the sessions interesting and on point to keep my focus by structuring the lectures to to want me to continue. She comes to each session very organized with a clear objective in what needs to be completed by the end of the day. Saman was the ultimate support tool into achieving my goals and if I could I would give six stars. Thank you Saman

Mahnoor Azhar Aug 30, 2018


Saman is a focused, organized teacher who develops inspiring relationships with her students. Saman has inherent teaching qualities and has always been driven to develop her skills as a teacher. She started her teaching career as a student, eagerly taking up extra responsibilities of organizing lectures and their content. She continued to demonstrate this drive through her tenure at her law school. Saman embraces any opportunity for professional development, which makes her an ideal leader. Saman has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children. Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. She also has excellent written and verbal communication skills with both students and coworkers. She accomplishes all these tasks with great initiative, with a positive attitude and high level of professionalism.

Hadiia Asad Aug 30, 2018


Saman has not only been a student of mine but I have also had the pleasure to work with her as a lecturer at The Institute of Legal Studies. As her law tutor during her LLB, I had always admired her qualities of perseverance and determination, which led to her being offered the position of Contract Law and Law of Torts tutor.The manner in which she took on her newfound responsibilities and how she dealt with students exhibited her devotion to teaching and her love for her students. Despite her youth, Saman displayed leadership to steer class discussions in a structured yet easy flowing manner. However, what I felt was her most admirable quality as a teacher was her ability to engage her students in a way that helped them develop a love for the subject. Her students’ results as well as the rave reviews I have heard from them regarding her are a testament to Saman’s devotion and unique approach. I wish her the best of success in all her future endeavours.

Nusrat C Feb 13, 2019


Fatin Hameed Sep 1, 2018


I have had the pleasure of working with Saman for two years in The Institute of Legal Studies. She is by far the most dedicated and hard working lecturers that I’ve come across. Saman’s determination to even get her below average students a decent grade shows that teaching is her passion and her students her drive. Her hard work and determination have always set her apart from any average lecturer. She has been one of the few teachers whose students have been able to achieve merits and distinctions every year which in return made her every students’ favourite. Saman’s insightful and fun lectures made her students not just understand better but also love the subjects that she taught. She made challenging courses like Law of Torts and Contract Law the most favourite courses and high scoring courses among every batch. I wish Saman the very best for all her future endeavours.

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