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Ruchir D.

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About me

What is the path of a free falling tennis ball between two points so that it takes the least amount of time? Guess what? It’s not a straight line! Want to find this path? Learn Mathematics. Mathematics is full of such fun things, and here, I intend to help you attain a deeper understanding of it. Mathematics is like any other language, with its own set of rules. Once you start grasping them, it will seem like a game. Whether you want to become a scientist, an engineer, a lawyer, it does not matter. Mathematics will teach you to think and imagine, which is necessary for any pursuit of life. While teaching, I make sure that a student gets the main idea of a topic, and more importantly, think intuitively about it. Emphasis will be on strong foundations in a topic. Moreover, I believe in personalised teaching since everybody has their way of grasping, and therefore, I keep my teaching style flexible. Be it geometry, calculus or any other topic you wish to learn- bring it on!


Imperial College LondonMathematicsMSc
Birla Institute of Technology and Science- PilaniPhysics and Mechanical EngineeringBachelor's

Tutoring Experience (50 hours taught)

I have been teaching Mathematics and Science at various levels for almost two years. Most of my students have thrived greatly through my teaching, choosing to study under my mentorship for more than 50 hours. Often it is the method of teaching at schools that does not suit them, preconceived notions or fears about any topic, methodology — each of which ultimately leads to loss of enthusiasm and failure in understanding a subject. By tapping a student's potential in the right way, significant improvements can be made. This is my prime focus: identify a student’s difficulties and way of learning, and work together with them to help them navigate the beauty of science and Mathematics.



(2 reviews)

Sarah Hill Sep 23, 2018


I was lucky to find Ruchir to mentor my daughter for her A-levels. From our first meeting, he got along so well with my daughter. Within the first few lessons, he was able to pin-point her weaknesses. He planned his lessons with this in mind. My daughter is getting better with each lesson and her fear for Math is turning into a passion now. Thank you so much, Ruchir.

Alana Whitfield Sep 28, 2018


Lessons are very interesting. He focuses on strong foundations and makes difficult concepts seem so easy. Will definitely recommend to other students.

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