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Mevin W.

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Inspiring Imperial College Tutor

I love to inspire people to realise their own potential. As such, it piqued my interest to work as a tutor. I have been tutoring since finishing my GCSEs and I have amassed more than 180 tutoring hours by helping students of various background. To date, I have tutored 48 students. Learning can be difficult sometimes, but I understand how to break down a complicated concept into components that students can relate to. I develop an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) with my tutee in the first tutor session so as to ensure that we are aligned to achieve the academic goals together. A thorough assessment is also given in the first tutor session to find out strengths and weaknesses of the tutee within the subject. Here the outcome of the assessments is used to tailor the following tutor sessions. Outside of work, I am usually working out in the gym and playing volleyball with the Imperial College Volleyball Club (ICVC). Sometimes, you can find me drawing too.


Imperial College LondonMaterials ScienceMaterials Science and Engineering MEng & ARSM

Tutoring Experience (185 hours taught)

I have tutored in a free school, Oasis Academy Southbank, for GCSE Science subjects. All of my tutoring experience to date have revolved around the STEM subjects, such as Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Physics. I am now confident working with different examination boards in the UK, such as OCR, Edexcel, CIE and AQA, and understand how to provide the best resources for the students based on these boards. I have also managed to help a GCSE Science student to promote his grade from D to B, and positive feedbacks have been given based on my tutor sessions from time to time. Here I am showing a feedback from one of my clients: “ Thank you so much Alex said you were great! High praise from a teenager! We have two younger boys so will be reading tutoring and bound to be back in touch!”



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Mevin is an extremely dedicated Tutor. He tracks the progress of each student by documenting topics and concepts covered in every lesson, using his own metrics to continuously assess and maximise a student's potential at any given time. Mevin believes in collaboration: to work with a student to tackle problems together, rather than enforce a concept from one person to another. He is part of a Tutor Union with a purpose to constantly share new resources and grow professionally, so that his students are up to date and get the most from each lesson. Mevin is also engaged in tackling educational inequality, seeking to provide free lessons for those with poor access to learning.

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