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About me

Hello! I am in my penultimate year of study and am preparing to enter the teaching profession in 2018. I have privately tutored for students at GCSE and SATs level. Since I worked directly with my clients, without strict lesson plans to follow, I have learnt to incorporate the following attributes to teaching: Flexibility Use of past papers Use of various texts (both fictional and non-fictional) to assure understanding Incorporating different styles of learning from videos to reading allowed and dictation. Assessing the learning stage of the student and focusing on points that need most improvement I have also held a volunteer position in a Primary and Secondary school as part of a charity and of my own accord. So, I am also familiar with the structures implemented in schools. Finally, as a BA English Language and Literature student, I have accessed a wide range of literature and theories that will enhance the learner's knowledge of the English subject.


King's College London UniversityEnglish Language and LiteratureEnglish Language and Literature

Tutoring Experience

My first tutoring experience required me to work one-on-one with two students (at separate but corresponding times i.e. 2 hrs and then 2hrs again). I was charged with: • Creating lesson plans to accommodate the English GCSE and Key Stage 2 requirements. • Engaging with my tutees in order to make sure they understood the work they were given and subsequently altering my teaching methods to suit different learning styles to ensure maximum participation. • Regularly testing my tutees through homework, marking the work, and providing feedback quickly which ensured their progress was closely monitored. My second experience as a volunteer tutor required me to teach in a state school on the weekend. I was responsible for: • The same as the above except managing three and sometimes four tutees with varying strengths and weaknesses at a time • Taking more of a mentor role in encouraging ambition in the students

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