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We understand that safety is number 1 priority when it comes to finding a new tutor. That’s why we do background checks and interview our tutors.

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We require ID and request enhanced DBS checks

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Search and compare hundreds of tutors in your area and message them for free. If you’re in a rush or looking for something more specific, you can Request a Tutor where we’ll find the highest-rated tutors and put them in touch with you directly. All you have to do is choose your favourite.

2. Booking a lesson

Once you’ve decided when and where your first lesson will be, whether it's in person or online, your tutor will send you a booking request. You’ll be asked to confirm the lesson by paying securely on the website. Tutorean is free to use, so you'll simply pay the tutor's rate with no extra or hidden fees.

3. Start your Learning journey

With online messaging, scheduling and continuous feedback, you can expect to enjoy a thorough and rewarding learning experience. The two-way reviews will help both you and your tutor understand how to get the most out of each and every lesson together!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Every tutor has been hand-picked, so we’re confident each one is amazing.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your first lesson, we will give you another one for free.


Of tutors who apply are selected to join our active community


Of our tutors have more than 5 years tutoring experience


Of tutor reviews from students and parents are 5 stars

A match made in Science

We believe that the relationship between tutor and student is the crucial component of success…

Our Smart Match engine identifies how you think and learn, by asking strategically designed questions that pinpoint key characteristics of your personality and learning style. Your unique ‘fingerprint’ is the input of our matching engine, which draws upon all of our previous tutor/student interactions and applies machine learning to recommend the ideal tutor for you.

What our customers say about our tutors

Natasha N

Review by Janice C

“Natasha has taught my two children, Jennifer - now 17 - and Nick - now 12 - for the last two years. I am delighted to have met such a talented teacher. She is patient, fun, knowledgable and knows how to keep my kid's attention. She is always very good at explaining their progress and challenges to me. They really look forward to their lessons with her and they are both now top students in their English classes whereas, before, Jennifer was really struggling and Nick was only average. I highly recommend her.”

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Kanwal I

Review by Lak B

“My little boy has been having lessons with Kanwal for a while now and already I can see an improvement with his understanding of phonics. He is usually quite impatient, but Kanwal's lessons are fun which is really helping his learning. I am really pleased with his progress so far.”

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Ian K

Review by David W

“Ian is an amazing tutor! He is great working one-on-one to address your needs and help you reach your goals while pushing you to go beyond your comfort zone. If you work with Ian you will have to work hard, but he will work just as hard to make sure you succeed!”

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