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Marilyn K Jul 16, 2018


I had a very enjoyable lesson with Sara. She is keen to ensure that lessons meet my needs and interests.

Alice F Jul 11, 2018


Sara is a kind and patient tutor. We’re very happy to be teaching Alana with her expertise.

Alice F Jun 9, 2018


We had our first lesson, and I’m very pleased. It had a positive outcome. Alana has learned a few colors in Portuguese and also learned a first introduction in the language. Sara also went through numbers with her including to learn to say her age in Portuguese. I would say, it looks promising and I’ll book her continuity to see more results for the near future. Thank you for coming Sara, it was a pleasure and Alana enjoyed it. X

Alice F Jul 18, 2018



Alice F Jun 16, 2018


Our second lesson with Sara was great! Sara did a recap on what Alana had learned last week and added new things. I’m very happy with her and optimistic that Alana will learn Portuguese quite quickly with Sara’s tutoring.

Alice F Jun 30, 2018


Another lovely and productive lesson. Thank you Sara.

Alice F Jul 7, 2018


Alana is loving her sessions with Sara and she’s learning well.

Judith G Jul 27, 2018


Very friendly and easy to work with.

Alice F Aug 11, 2018


Lessons are going well. Sara includes playing in the lesson as Alana is a child and needs that to engage better

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