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Marshal Jun 4, 2018


She was very helpful and patient in explaining the concepts!! It was a great experience being tutored by her

Aisha Qureshi Jun 4, 2018


Bindiya is a very patient and trustworthy professional who completes her duties efficiently and effectively. She has conveyed a very caring attitude towards her students and peers. She has first- class organisation skills and has a very strong worth ethic. She is keen on getting feedback in order to improve her skills. She has a passion for teaching and that reflects in her work. Regardless of what may come her way she never fails to perservere.

Adeela Hafiz Jun 4, 2018


My daughter struggled with the basic concepts of maths and all sciences in highschool. Bindiya helped her build confidence and gave her a solid foundation to maths and science and now my daughter has caught up speed and is doing very well. Thanks Bindiya

M.S Ineq Jun 4, 2018


I cant thank her enough for how much she has helped my children, my kids never liked maths and physics but bindiya changed that and now they enjoy every minute of it! I am very honoured to give a review about her and i wish her all the best

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