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Alec C.

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Down to Earth student who will get you the grades!

So, I am 23...old, I know (starts crying), and I am in my fourth year of University. I've taught before if that is what you are wondering, but, if you want to know more, then here we go. I am an only child but am surprisingly social, in fact, I just got back from a year abroad in Norway and I can tell you if you get the chance to go there, do! I use to be a shy child but then I went to an all boys secondary school in Central London. I am from a council estate, if that means anything, and the first in my family to go to uni. With regards to teaching, I will keep track of your progress the same as I have done mine, strict, but fair. I will ask you to write a log of what you have done on each subject and I will give random tests. I will attempt to make something boring, bearable. Come work with me and I will get you where you want to go. That is a promise.


Portsmouth UniversityCriminology with PsychologyBSc
University of OsloInternational LawBA

Tutoring Experience (60 hours taught)

I did a placement at Portsmouth College for three months alongside my other studies where I taught Psychology, Sociology and Criminology to A-level students. I thoroughly enjoyed giving tasks to the class to do. I find that giving one-on-one advice and guidance on how one could improve their overall mark worked out best for the students final grades.



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