Last update: June 3rd, 2018


  • a) You must arrange and book all lessons through the Tutorean platform;
  • b) Booking lessons on Tutorean entitles you to:
    • I) Better security. We vet students at the time they confirm and pay for their first lesson with you;
    • II) Protection from cancellations and no-shows (see Payments section);
    • III) Support from our expert and friendly team who will fix problems, step in to help with disputes and share your feedback and ideas with the product team;
    • IV) Receive reviews from students after each lesson, making your profile more attractive and boosting your ranking in the search results;
    • V) Seamless scheduling of past and upcoming sessions in your Lessons tab, and one-click integration to your external calendars;
  • c) You may exchange contact details with students after your first lesson has been confirmed/paid for;
  • d) Arranging lessons outside the platform may result in immediate dismissal from Tutorean (see Penalties section).


  • a) Rate and commission:
    • I) You can set your own hourly rate and can change this at any time;
    • II) You can alter your standard rate at the time of booking a lesson to account for extras like travel fees, if mutually agreed with your student;
    • III) Tutorean’s service fee is 15%, the lowest tutor commission in the UK.
  • b) Payment schedule:
    • I) Update your payment details in your account settings to get paid;
    • II) You will receive a lesson invoice 2 days after each lesson;
    • III) You will be paid directly into your bank account 3-7 days after each lesson.
  • c) Cancellations and no-shows:
    • I) If a student doesn’t show up for a lesson, you will be entitled to a full payment (minus the service fee);
    • II) If a student cancels within 24 hours of the lesson, you are entitled to a payment worth 50% of your rate (minus the service fee);
    • III) If a student cancels more than 24 hours in advance, they will be fully refunded and you will not receive payment for this lesson;
    • IV) Cancellations show lack of professional behaviour and should be avoided at all costs. We expect our tutors to honour their commitments and punctually show up for scheduled lessons. However, if something unexpected comes up, such as a family emergency, please cancel the lesson and contact your student as soon as possible to reschedule.

Factors that affect your ranking in the search results

  • a) Your response time to new enquiries;
  • b) The number of reviews on your profile and your average rating;
  • c) Repeat bookings, i.e. completing several lessons with the same student;
  • d) Completeness of profile (including profile video and DBS).


  • a) Be responsive
    • I) Reply to new enquiries from students as soon as possible, ideally within 2 hours;
    • II) Your response time will be visible in your profile and will dramatically affect your ranking in the search results;
    • III) Even if you do not wish to accept new enquiries, be honest by letting them know rather than ignoring them. To decline, there’s a “Sorry, I can’t help” button, which automatically sends the student a polite message.
  • b) Be reliable and integrous
    • I) Be on time for lessons and in the event of unforeseen circumstances, give notice as soon as possible;
    • II) Understanding your role and boundaries as a tutor means you can maintain academic integrity. Tutoring isn’t about doing a student’s homework for them and if you need help navigating a tricky situation (like being asked to do someone’s homework) then the support team is here to help.
  • c) Be safe
    • I) It is likely that you will be working with children and we expect that you will abide by safeguarding best practises;
    • II) We encourage you to obtain or upload a DBS check.
  • d) Represent Tutorean
    • I) You are the face of Tutorean and the values that we stand for. Please be professional, courteous, and empathetic at all times.

Keep us in the loop

  • a) You are part of the Tutorean team! We want to hear from you as often as possible. You can talk to us on our instant-chat (blue icon on the bottom right of the website), via our contact page, support email or on social media;
  • b) Contact us whenever:
    • I) You have a question about using the platform;
    • II) You are unclear about expected behaviour, rules or policy;
    • III) You don’t know how to answer a student’s question about Tutorean;
    • IV) You are in a tricky situation and would like a professional mediator to help;
    • V) You would like to give feedback or share ideas;
    • No problem is too small to solve and no question is too silly to ask. If you have complaints about students or parents, please contact our support team.
  • c) We recommend joining our Facebook page to meet other tutors, report potential problems with the website and get the latest updates from Tutorean;
  • d) Update your LinkedIn profile by stating you’re a tutor with Tutorean and we will endorse you for the skills you demonstrate with us.

Data and Privacy Policy

  • a) You can control your communication preferences in your Notifications Centre;
  • b) In periods during which you are unavailable, such as holidays, you can choose to take your profile offline. This temporarily removes you from the search results and means you will not receive new enquiries until you go back online. Note that going offline will not affect your ranking score;
  • c) You can choose to permanently delete your account and all related data;
  • d) See our Privacy Policy to understand exactly what information we collect, when, and how we use it.


  • You may be immediately and permanently removed from Tutorean if:
    • a) You exchange contact details before booking a lesson via the website;
    • b) Lessons are arranged or booked outside of the Tutorean platform;
    • c) You fail to behave according to our values and guidelines.