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“The Documenter”

“It was exciting to see the accuracy of the results… Grace could really relate to how her personality was described.”
Grace's Mother


“The Seeker"

“Martin’s always had a lot of energy, so it’s great to find out where he’s coming from. It also gave me some ideas on how we could motivate him to work harder at school.”
Martin's Father


“The Socialiser"

“The test was fun to complete and Andrew enjoyed finding out what celebrity matches his personality!”
Andrew's Mother

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What is Childspace?

Childspace is a free tool for anyone interested in how you, or the people around you, think and behave. As a team of parents, educators and scientists, we care deeply about helping parents understand their children. When you do, you can build a much closer relationship with your child and support them more effectively at school and at home.

Whether you’re taking the test for yourself, a child or someone else, please let us know what you discover and whether it makes a positive difference in your life :)

Why is it important?

Every child has a unique personality type. Their personality type influences the way they think and behave: impacting what motivates, inspires and even worries them. It also influences how people react to certain situations, whether it’s with their friends and family, teachers or when meeting new people.


Simply knowing how your child’s personality type influences them will help you become more understanding and empathetic. It will give you insight into how you can better support them, which, in turn, will help foster a closer relationship and help you nurture them so they can reach their full academic and social potential.


The Childspace Test will help identify your child’s personality archetype - explaining the way they might think, behave and feel in different situations. You’ll learn more about how your child reacts to things like socialising and exams, oh, and which famous celebrities they most closely resemble!


Find out your child’s personality archetype and discover why they think and behave in the way that they do.

Supporting your child

Based on your child’s personality type, we will provide personalised advice to help you become more connected, supportive and thus build a more meaningful relationship with them

Understand your child better

You’ll get to learn what really inspires and motivates your child, as well as what causes stress or worry in their lives.

Find the right tutor

Based on hundreds of Childspace Test results and using artificial intelligence, we recommend tutors whose personalities are a good match for your child.