About us

A team of passionate parents, tutors, scientists and entrepreneurs on a mission to transform the tutoring world as we know it.

We believe...

1. In using science and technology to maximise the effectiveness of 1-to-1 lessons, improving each learning experience and enabling students to reach their full academic potential

2. In cultivating a community of only the most talented tutors, who care deeply about the quality of teaching they deliver

3. In making private tuition accessible for every student, regardless of socioeconomic background or ability

We have...

Spent years researching tutoring lessons to identify how different students learn best. We have begun to couple our research with artificial intelligence and machine learning to match students and tutors based on their personalities and learning preferences.

How it all began

A father himself, the time came when CEO Pedro da Cunha's 13-year-old son needed a little extra help with school. And so a tutor search began. While searching, he noticed that some tutors just seemed to click with his child. "It's as if they were a perfect match", he recalls. "While some seemed like they were water and oil - complete opposites. There must be an explanation for that." Indeed, there was.

As it turns out studies have shown that a student's learning performance is deeply enhanced by their personality type and learning preference. This is where the idea for Tutorean's 'Smart Match' engine was put into practise. We have created a simple questionnaire to identify a student's learning style and personality. We are now beginning to implement artificial intelligence to be able to use these results to suggest tutors whose personality and teaching preferences fit best.

"Instead of a match made in heaven, it's a match made in Science", Pedro says with a smile.

Our team

Pedro da Cunha

Chief Executive Officer

Father of 4 and brother of 12, Pedro has a proven track record of running successful companies and leading teams to solve some of the world's biggest challenges. He has now turned his focus towards education, aiming to solve problems and transform the industry by using solutions found at the intersection between human intelligence and machine intelligence.

Jack Benton

Chief Science Officer

Jack previously worked at FIS as a Business Consultant and has a PhD in Particle Physics from University of Bristol and CERN. He is leading Tutorean's ongoing scientific research project on private tuition, alongside the Universidade Catolica de Lisboa and is implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence to modernise the world's approach to 1-on-1 learning.

Xavier Jameson

Head of Operations

Xavier has a degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and has successfully launched startups that have disrupted industries in fitness, wellbeing and education. Xavier continuously applies his 8 years' tutoring experience in successfully managing Tutorean's tutor and student communities and now oversees Tutorean's operations and management.

Paulo Vega

Digital Marketing

Paulo has an MBA and is a successful startup founder, angel investor and digital marketer. He is obsessed with finding and optimising sustainable traction channels through experimentation and data.

Stefanie Tabacow

Digital Marketing

Stefanie has a BS in Communication degree from Boston University and has worked for over 10 years with various areas of advertising and public relations both on and offline.

Miguel Costa

Senior UX/UI Designer

Miguel's focus is to create intuitive user experiences and design elegant interfaces. Obsessed with details, Miguel believes in the power of design to make life easier.

Our advisors

Neil Mcintosh CBE

Neil Mcintosh, CBE spent thirty five years as the Chief Executive of three different international not-for-profits. The last of these, CFBT Education Trust, was a small agency which had built something of a reputation for teaching English as a foreign language, but was threatened with bankruptcy. Neil brought a new vision and within ten years he and his team had built CFBT into a £150 million per annum operation with a substantial presence in both the UK and overseas, advising governments on education reform, delivering services direct to learners and redirecting profits into valuable research. Within ten years CFBT had become one of Britain’s largest charities.

Following his retirement from CFBT in 2012, Neil was appointed CBE in 2013 . He has remained active in the education field, chairing a trust providing tutorial services for students of modest means, as President of the UK’s leading think tank on market reform of education and as an honorary fellow of the Education Department at Oxford University. Neil McIntosh was a crucial figure in the liberalisation of the education market in the 1990s; possibly the clearest illustration of this was CFBT’s delivery of the national literacy and numeracy strategies, which were a major success of the first Blair government. The significance of these achievements was recognised by a prestigious lifetime achievement award at the 2017 Education Investors Awards ceremony.

Dr Philip Kirby

Dr Philip Kirby has worked in education in both the academic and third sectors. He was previously Research Fellow at the Sutton Trust – an education think tank – where his research considered access to the professions, vocational education and private tuition. His report, Shadow Schooling, was one of the first to offer an overview of the private tuition market in the UK, and has been cited widely in news media. His current research, at the University of Oxford, looks at special educational needs, especially dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties. It is also examining how ethnicity, class and location interact in demand for and provision of private tuition.

Our Investors

Tutorean is backed by Intersection Ventures, a venture builder focused on developing high potential business opportunities where applied collective intelligence will have the power to solve big consumer and industry problems.

Intersection Ventures builds and grows technology-enabled business ventures that have two things in common: they use the power of collective intelligence to change the dynamics of its industry and they create and capture substantial value with a robust business model.

Intersection Ventures also makes strategic pre-seed and seed investments in startups with a related technological portfolio and led by outstanding people.