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If you are not 100% satisfied, we will give you another lesson for free. Yes, your satisfaction is that important to us.

What our customers say about our tutors

Natasha N

Review by Janice C

“Natasha has taught my two children, Jennifer - now 17 - and Nick - now 12 - for the last two years. I am delighted to have met such a talented teacher. She is patient, fun, knowledgable and knows how to keep my kid's attention. She is always very good at explaining their progress and challenges to me. They really look forward to their lessons with her and they are both now top students in their English classes whereas, before, Jennifer was really struggling and Nick was only average. I highly recommend her.”

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Kanwal I

Review by Lak B

“My little boy has been having lessons with Kanwal for a while now and already I can see an improvement already with his understanding of phonics, he is one impatient child but with patience and fun lessons he is learning. I am really pleased with his progress. Kanwell is really flexible and assesses the child's ability catering the lesson to accommodate them.”

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Ian K

Review by David W

“Ian is an amazing tutor! He is great working one-on-one to address your needs and help you reach your goals while pushing you to go beyond your comfort zone. If you work with Ian you will have to work hard, but he will work just as hard to make sure you succeed!”

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